Grand Tirolia Kitzbühel corporate communication

As part of the many years of exclusive support of the golf and ski resort, Christian Weisser Design Studio, has, in addition to the comprehensive image creation, also provided all the campaigns and communication media for the Austrian luxury hotel. In total, over 80 work elements have been provided for the hotel and three restaurants.

Württemberg state museum event communication

The history of the state of Württemberg from the Stone Age to the present day is displayed in an exciting way at the Württemberg state museum. Christian Weisser Design Studio has been the agency partner of the state museum for years and is therefore responsible for the design of numerous communication measures.

Deutscher Katholikentag convention overall communication

Christian Weisser has been the communications agency with overall responsibility for the Deutscher Katholikentag a total of three times. In addition to the corporate design, on each occasion up to 150 communication measures were implemented for this, the largest event for Catholic laypeople in German-speaking countries. 

KACO new energy customer magazine

The customer magazine "Lichtwechsel" was given a comprehensive relaunch to underline the innovative standards of the new-energy company from Neckarsulm. In addition to the basic concept and design, particular attention was paid to the visual language, typography, text and production.  

Mercedes-Benz classic communication

'Movement is peace' says Sir Sterling Moss in the introduction to the 'Magische Momente' (Magic Moments) brochure. Christian Weisser was responsible for the conception, design, text, photo production and realisation of the brochure to mark the 120th anniversary of Mercedes-Benz in motorsport. 

Daimler Group communication

Presentation of the design study 'Wir sind Daimler' (We are Daimler) for the new Daimler AG Group brochure. In addition to the revolutionary restructuring and progressive design concept, the cross-media link between print and continuative online content is particularly noteworthy.

Hugo Boss marketing communication

The conception and redesign of the trade marketing support catalogue from Hugo Boss AG. For the first time, all the brands belonging to the best-known fashion company in Germany were brought together in a high-quality, modular catalogue with a refined slipcase.

Viaverde corporate communication

The conception, design and production of the high-quality corporate presentation by Viaverde Energy Group for the Saudi royal family. Alongside the elaborate production and finishing, the graphical realisation of at times highly complex processes was particularly challenging.